Caring Parents...

  • Is Your Child Too Shy To Ask The Teacher A Question?
  • Are You Afraid They May Give Into Peer Pressure And Follow The Wrong Crowd?
  • Is Your Child Addicted To Video Games?
  • ​Is Your Child Having Difficulty Listening Or Acting Appropriately In Public?
  • ​Would You Child Benefit From Being Healthier And Learning To Love Exercise?

Caring Parents...

  • Is Your Child Too Shy To Ask The Teacher A Question?
  • Are You Afraid They May Give Into Peer Pressure And Follow The Wrong Crowd?
  • Is Your Child Addicted To Video Games?
  • ​Is Your Child Having Difficulty Listening Or Acting Appropriately In Public?
  • ​Does Your Child Need To Become More Fit And Learn To Enjoy Exercise?

The Solution...

It Is Time We Worked Together To Give Your Child The Life Skill Needed to Live a Happy And Healthy Life.


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Bochner's Has Over 170 Five Star Reviews!

Sherri Says...

It has been awesome to watch them gain confidence and a heightened awareness of their surroundings and interactions, as well as grow athletically, socially and academically.

Ryan Says...

Working in child psychiatry, I felt confident in my decision to invite both of my school age children to come in and learn from Sensei Marc and his staff. 

Beyond the actual self defense piece that the children learn, Mr Bochner's curriculum is well thought out and implemented. 

The children learn essential skills in de-escalation and situational awareness, something that can prevent a self defense scenario from taking place.

I invite anyone that is thinking of training or thinking of having their family train to thoughtfully consider Bochner's Self Defense, they are truly a 5-star dojo!  (edited for spelling only)

Anne Marie Says...

From our very first day we were greeted with a warm smile and five years later every time we walk in we are greeted with that same warm smile and a handshake.

Sensei Mark and his team have created a place of camaraderie, compassion, respect and discipline and by far the best self-defense training program.

Guerrino Says...

As a sport and orthopedic physical therapist and life long athlete, I can be very critical of facilities. 

Sensei Marc and his team are outstandingly ahead of the curve. 

Having worked one on one with him in the past I can attest to his attention to form and uplifting teaching style. 

His background as a physical therapist himself also shines through. 

The self defense taught here marries different styles and combines real world self defense strategies. 

He's assembled an amazing and dedicated team, and my oldest son now works with them weekly and loves it. 

Kids here get more than self defense, they're taught basic life skills and kindness toward everyone. 

I honestly cannot wait until my youngest child is old enough to take part. 

I've worked with many others and will always recommend him to people first. 

Please do yourself a favor and visit!  (edited for grammar only)

Kelly Says...

My son was bullied last year, I signed up my son at Bochner's Realistic Self Defense to help my son defend himself.

Not only did they help him protect himself but they helped boost his confidence. 

His self esteem was better he was more confident going to school and he was able to sleep at night.

Thank you Marc and all the instructors  (edited for grammar only)

Matt Says...

My children look forward to and love going every week.

Sensei Marc and his staff are unbelievable and amazing with all the children.

The way they teach, they make it fun and exciting.

Highly recommended.

Anthony Says...

My daughter has attended Bochner's Realistic Self Defense for over a year now. 

Sensei Marc and his team do an excellent job with the children’s classes.

The environment is friendly and inviting.

Family is routinely involved in the classes.

The classes are a mixture of traditional instruction time, lesson oriented games, calisthenics and "mat chats”, a discussion with the children in the class about the topic of the week.

Topics include discipline, self-esteem and so on.

Overall, I would highly recommend Bochner's.

Tara Says...

Best place in the World. I'm very happy that I took my kids here.

Everyone is nice and very welcoming.

They make you feel like a family.

Everyone is so helpful and want you learn. 

Dr. Marc Bochner, DPT

Marc Bochner has a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Rhode Island, and is a well-respected martial arts instructor. Bochner is the owner of Bochner's Realistic Self-Defense Training and Fitness Center in Cranston, Rhode Island.

Bochner's Realistic Self-Defense Training And Fitness Center 855 Dyer Avenue, Cranston, RI 02910   401-943-4100